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Hi, this is Jane and I would like to tell you a little about who we are. 

, my husband is amazing at giving you a demo on a machine.  Come in and put him to the test. He says that if he (being a retired electrician) can learn how to  Embroider on a variety of machines, then you can too. Tom can show you a lot about all our machines.  He is very knowledgable about the Baby Lock Solaris as well as the Multi-needle machine and all the embroidery machines. Tom knows how to work the IQ program also.  

Andrea Bassett is our Embroidery software educator.  If you are working on a garment for your sweet little one, or have a software question  Andrea is there to help you.  She is usually at SCI on Wednesdays, but you may see her there at any unspecified time.   Andrea also demos and sells the machines. 

Dottie Rumsey   is experienced in sewing and machine embroidery, and also he embroidery software. She is at SCI to help you with your questions and anything else you may need.  Dottie can also demo a machine for you and help with your embroidery software.  Come in and meet Dottie.  Dottie is usually at SCI on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  She also teaches our Embroidery Club and assists with different sewing classes.  She is experienced in Machine Applique.

Kelly Partin, is the most cheerful person you will ever want to meet.  She can make your day bright.  Kelly helps me run the store and does an amazing job.  If you have a special notion you are looking for, come in and Kelly will help you find it.  Looking for stabilizer, Kelly knows just where it is.

Marsha Crooms, is an avid quilter as well as machine embroidery.  Marsha teaches quilting classes.  If you want to learn how to machine applique, Marsha is the person to teach you.  She is also available to assist you with your embroidery software.

And then there is me, Jane.  I can usually be found at SCI most anytime.  I do a little of it all.  Being a trained service tech, I can trouble shoot most problems with your sewing and serger machines.  What I can't answer, Sam (our service tech) can.

I have been sewing since 2nd grade. I made most of what my family wore, from my husband's suits, son's sport coats and pants, wedding dresses, bathing suits, my own clothes, my daughters clothes, home dec, and more than I can name.   I have taken a lot of classes over the years and still love to take them as well as teach them.  I love sewing.  Sewing Creations Inc is my dream come true.

 We have the Greatest Service Department

If you have not had your machine serviced at SCI then now is the time to get it done.  Sam does a great job of service and repair.  He will go the extra mile to get your machine in good working order.  Wanda will make sure that your machine is the cleanest that it can be.  She truly goes the extra mile for you also.  They agree with us that SCI customers are the best and deserve the best.

Check out the Machine service page for more info on our wonderful service department.


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